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Business Analysis

Often "Businesses" (in this context: non IT personnel within and organization) can only describe their pain points or symptoms such a drop in revenue, longer wait time for a report generation, delay in approval process etc. Just as a doctor can only determine whether a symptom such as nauseating headache is result of prolonged stress or sleep deprivation, or an indication of something more serious such as rapidly developing growth in the brain, after some diagnostic procedures; we too go beyond just addressing the "pain points", and perform root cause analysis for the organization.

Our Business Analysis service bridges the gap between Business and IT by going beyond the symptoms that are in clear view and properly diagnose the root cause of such symptoms and develops the "Whats", and "Hows" to address the actual causes.


PMO Services

Nowadays, organizations frequently find themselves implementing many initiatives at once. Most of the time the initiatives have conflicting priorities and compete for limited resources. As a result, many projects end up becoming victims of politics, interdepartmental turf wars etc. Some of the larger organizations often would establish project management office, or PMO, to provide governance, artifacts, best practices, methodology etc. to guide successful implementations and avoid some of the major causes of project failures. We can help you establish and run an in-house PMO from ground up.

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Business Process Outsourcing

BPM Advisors (BPMA) has extensive experience in helping its clients with outsourcing its business processes that are determined as "commodities". We provide due diligence on our clients' behalf to find the provider that is best suited for our client's business. We do not automatically advise for off-shore outsourcing. In fact, in many cases, we calculated the ROI on our currents behalf including often ignored cost of multiple QA (Quality Assurance) checks both off-shore and on-shore; and advised our clients against off-shore outsourcing.

Armed with actual cost-benefit analysis data, we advise our clients the approach that is at their best interest instead of catering to the prevailing trend. We help our clients with IT managed services for their infrastructure needs, Disaster Recovery (DR), Security, Storage including Cloud Computing, Reporting Services, etc.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) services provides a consolidated, systematic approach to redesign the end-to-end processes at the enterprise level. We use Porter's Value Chain principle, and our patented E3P methodology to provide a structured approach to BPR. The BPR activities are primarily fall into five distinctive phases:

  • Discovery
  • As-Is Process Mapping
  • Analyze Future Needs
  • Design To-Be Process
  • Implement the Re-Engineered Process
  • Periodic Review to address Variance and Continuous Improvement
We also use Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) framework in our BPR approach.

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